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Jesus Take Wheel
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Christmas Stories
Truimph in Tragedy
Valuable Things

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Keith Green

HIV Story
Ashley Smith
Matt Redman
Josh McDowell

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Jesus Take Wheel
Brand New Christmas Stories, holiday stories, inspiring christmas stories
Evil’s Mistress
Value of Time

The Great Stone Face
The Great Stone Face Part II
Truimph in Tragedy
Best ever war story
Valueable Things
Easter flash presentation! Brand new check this out!
Brand new story Keith Green
Ashley Smith
Matt Redman
John Wooden
Josh McDowell

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final decision
eternal rewards
snow days
bulimia story
HIV Story
Coffee Story

Empty Shanty
laos deo

the can man

christmas story
my brother's hands

prayer in school
Jesus really does love you
Who Will Take The Son


the diver
The Miracle of a Brother's Song

Here at is just all about what says. We have all kinds of christian stories, christian stoires online, and cool christian stories. We have this site because first we believe that the stories can be a great teaching tool. That we as people can learn from christian stories, that we can share christian stories while lean and teach each other. They can be inspiring, motivational, or just help us not let history repeat itself. Here we feel that stories are so important in you daily lives. We have even started up a free section where you can right your own personal journals. Just like we believe that stories can help teach you, we feel that your own stories are just as valuable if not more valuable for you to learn, inspire, motivate, encourage, or just learn from. So all for free we have the all new journals section is up and running! You can sign up for a free account Here.