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God's Snow Day
by Becky Kelly

As a child, I longed for snow days. They were few and far between and offered a break from the routine of school. There were no scheduled events so you were free to start the day fresh, just like the fresh blanket of snow covering the ground. And snow days aren’t just for kids – adults need them too. Yesterday was Sunday and I was ready to worship. I walked across the parking lot with a spring in my step and a song in my heart. I was even humming to the music emanating from the speakers as I walked into the worship center to get ready to practice with the Praise Team. My heart was filled with love for my Father who loved me so much. My prayer to Him was to keep my focus on Him. Little did I realize how much I needed to trust in the prayer. As I approached the platform, I felt a heavy weight come upon me out of nowhere. I tried to shake it off. I tried to read the words but couldn’t. I tried to focus on the beat but couldn’t. I felt as if I was somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be. I got ready to say something to the rest of those singing with me and a voice in my head said, “it’s not about you – you just want people to pay attention to you and make you believe that you belong here. You know you are not good enough to be up here. So keep your mouth shut and deal with it.” I was floored. Between the practice and the first set, I talked to another Christian friend but couldn’t explain what was going on. In between the two services, I just couldn’t keep going like this so when my friends asked me again what was wrong I tried to explain. I know it came out wrong but I was so upset by not being able to connect with God that I knew I was only a few tears from losing it. “The devil’s making you think that you don’t belong,” she responded. Then my other friend came up and God’s promise of two or more gathered together, was brought into realization. “Pray for me” was all I could get out and they did. During the second set , I could feel the weight lift with every song . With every utterance of how great, how faithful, how wonderful my God is, I could feel His spirit flow through me. It was like warming up after being outside in the cold. During the sermon, I silently prayed for God to help me find the time to meet quietly – just Him and I. I knew there was a chance of snow the next day so I prayed for a snow day – a God snow day. The next morning, a brand new day started under several inches of fresh, white, untouched snow. My chance was here. As the boys went out to play and my husband went to take my older son to work, I had my quiet time. I read in Matthew about the bread and fish and realized it was not just about Jesus making the few elements feed many. It went deeper than that. It is also about Jesus taking believers to spread his Word – our bread of life – to the many lost and lonely in the world. In each case He took a few fish – those of us caught by His love – and used us to help reach His lost ones. He uses us in ways we don’t know and may not understand so we need to be His children, His followers 24/7. I know the episode on Sunday was the devil sitting on my shoulder, subtly uncovering old self-esteem issues and creating a situation where those emotions clouded my view of Christ and affected my ability to witness for Him. We need to not only believe 24/7 but to also be on our guard against evil 24/7; the devil hates it when people see God’s love in us. After an hour of reading, prayer, and meditation, I know that I can not let my guard down against evil and need to be ever diligent as servant of God. To God be the Glory and thanks for that new, clean blanket of snow which may have closed schools but opened my eyes to the One and Only Holy Father. And just like that blanket of fresh snow creates a clean, new world --- God can make a clean new world in our lives!!!

Written by: Becky Kelly
The author may be contacted at